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Lassen Historical Museum

The Lassen Historical Museum Susanville is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. The museum has a large and varied collection of artifacts from the Lassen area and beyond. There is also a library with many resources available for visitors. The museum is open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.

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Sierra Theater

Sierra Theater is a classic movie theater in Susanville, California. The theater was originally a vaudeville and movie palace. The original marquee still hangs from the building, and features a large image of Marilyn Monroe. The theater was bought by local businessmen Jerry and Diane Madsen, who restored it to its former glory. Today, the theater screens classic films and hosts occasional live entertainment. The Madsens also operate an adjacent cafe which serves up homemade pies and ice cream.

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Susanville Ranch Park

Located in rural Nevada County, Susanville Ranch Park offers visitors various activities. The park features a nature center with exhibits of local flora and fauna, picnic areas, horseback riding trails, and several hiking trails. Activities available at the park include birdwatching, fishing, playing horseshoes, and hiking. Susanville Ranch Park is also home to the annual Susanville Apple Blossom Festival.

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Peter Lassen Grave

The Peter Lassen Grave Historical Landmark is an important site in California for its connection to one of the state's most renowned pioneers, Peter Lassen.

Lassen was a powerful advocate for the use of Native American land rights, and his work helped spur the development of California's Central Valley. He is also well-known for his explorations of the Sierra Nevada, which led to the discovery of major mountain ranges and lakes.

Today, the Peter Lassen Grave Historical Landmark is an important source of historical information about this influential pioneer. It is also a popular tourist destination, with hikers able to visit the grave site from trailheads nearby.

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Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Known as the "Lumberjack of the Northwoods," Paul Bunyan is one of America's most popular folklore heroes. His story takes place in the wooded hills and rolling countryside of rural northern Minnesota. Bunyan's biggest adventure was leading Babe the Blue Ox on a journey from Michigan to Wisconsin. In Westwood, California, visitors can visit the site of Babe's final stop, a small clearing overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. The spot is surrounded by forest, and it's easy to imagine Bunyan and his ox trekking through the woods.

20.16 miles away

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Located just northwest of Sacramento, Lassen Volcanic National Park is a stunning landscape of stark peaks, rolling hills and raging rivers. The park is home to the world's most active volcano, Mount Lassen, as well as over 100 other volcanoes. Some of the park's most popular attractions include the Pumice Stone Trail and the Geyser Basin.

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